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Octavius Black, Managing Director, The Mind Gym
“Buy this book and you may never despair of the office idiot again.”

"This is fantastic … stuffed with succinct advice. A thoroughly useful book - highly

"Leibling has a lot of experience of dealing with difficult colleagues and has tips on
  how to deal with them all."

"Packed with tips on how to tame the most irritating people you are ever likely to


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'How People Tick' (Second Edition, Kogan Page 2009)
'Working With The Enemy' (Kogan Page 2009)
'The A-Z of Learning' (with Robin Prior, Routledge 2004)
'Coaching Made Easy' (with Robin Prior, Kogan Page 2003)
Changing Behaviours’ (Editor, Design Council / Campaign for Learning 2001)
What Learning Needs’ (Editor, Design Council / Demos 2001)
Creativity in Education’ (Co-Editor, Continuum 2001)